1   Residency Program:Untitled Space Artist in Residence
Facility  Untitled Space Residency Accommodation (1 private room and shared amenities), Untitled Space Residency Studio (shared)
Check-in time: Between 10 AM and 6 PM on the first day
Check-out time: No later than 3 PM on the last day.
1.1   Program Fee
The following fees are to be paid by the Artist to Untitled Space for participant the program. Fees incurred for optional services (use of additional space, additional staff coordination, etc.) will be invoiced separately.
Fee: 8,800CNY (30 days)
1.2   Time of Availability
During the agreed period of stay, the Artist will have full access to accommodation, studio and communal space any time of the day.
1.5   Deposit
The Artist must prepare a deposit of 1000CNY to be paid in cash before starts of the program.
If the Artist causes any type of damage or fails to maintain and clean facilities, a fee may be deducted from the deposit. 

2   Responsibilities of the Artist
2.1   Residence Activities
The Artist is responsible for obtaining prior approval from Untitled Space for all activities and events in residence. The Artist is responsible for all arrangement, associated costs and outcomes of their activities, including but not limited to that of research, production of work, exhibition and associated events. The Artist provide their own materials, tools, and equipment for these purposes. (Untitled Space can provide assistance on source materials and equipment if deemed necessary to the Artist’s residence project and requested by the Artist in advance.)
2.2   Damages
The Artist is liable for the repair and replacement costs of any damaged property and equipment. The Artist must restore all used spaces and their furnishing to their original condition before check out.
2.3   Insurance
Untitled Space does not provide any type of insurance for the Artist, the Artist is responsible for arranging insurance prior to arrival. The costs of insurance, health costs incurred in China, etc, are to be covered by the Artist.
2.4   Visa
It is the responsibility of the Artist to reach and apply for the appropriate visa (if necessary) and to carefully check the necessary documents, Untitled Space can provide a letter of invitation to the Artist and other required documents (depending on nationality) for this purpose on request.
2.5   Health and Safety
The Artist’s use of the facilities must ensure and abide by all requirements regarding health & safety regulations so as not to compromise their own safety or endanger the health and safety of others. The artist is to use the facilities, equipment, etc. at their own risk. Should the Artist suffer any injury, Untitled Space will not be held responsible. The Artist undertakes activity here under this understanding.
2.6   Communal Space
Artists are aware that all spaces outside of the assigned bedroom in Untitled Space Residency Accommodation and Studio are considered communal and may be accessed by others including program participants and Untitled Space staff members. In understanding that the studio space is communal, the Artist will make means to cooperate and respect the personal and working space of others. This includes but not limited to the avoidance of excessive noise, not smoking in the bedroom.
2.7   Waste Disposal and Cleaning
The Artist is responsible for ensuring the continued cleanliness of all residency facilities and regular waste disposal. Shared spaces are subject to inspection at regular intervals and Untitled Space staff may issue a warning. Before vacating the facilities, the Artist agrees to fully clean any spaces used and ensure that no garbage is left behind. The studio/gallery must be restored to its original state, with any holes or marks on the walls repaired fully. In the case of large items or those that cannot be disposed of through the usual garbage system, the Artist must notify a residence coordinator in advance and pay the cost of arranging special waste collection.
2.8   Day Leave and Furlough
The Artist is free to make a day trip or staying overnights elsewhere by themselves. Please inform the Untitled Space staff of the address and contact of staying place for the emergency purpose.

3   Prohibited Activity
The Artist agrees not to engage in any of following prohibited activities. Untitled Space reserves the right to immediately cancel the residency at the Artists expense given any of the following. 
3.1   Any action that disrupts neighboring individuals and their activities, including but not limited to dangerous behavior, excessive noise, offensive odor, sanitation hazards or damage to infrastructure.
3.2   The production or possession of any dangerous goods including but not limited to weapons (blades, firearms, etc.), flammable and/or explosives.
3.3   Pouring any substance or liquid that can corrode the drainage pipes.
3.4   The keeping, rearing and adopting of animals in the facility.
3.5   Any action contrary to public order and social morality.
3.6   The organization of religious ceremony or religious dissemination of religious doctrine.
3.7   Political activity such as the promotion of political doctrine, regardless of being supportive or oppositional.
3.8  Any action in violation of applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to constitutional law and criminal law, etc.
3.9   The obstruction of communal areas such as stairs, hallways, etc. or the posting of signs and advertisements in said areas.
3.10  Any modifications to the facility or equipment without permission.

4   Support Towards the Artist
Untitled Space will provide facilities as described in Article 1 with the Artist’s understanding that these spaces are subject to sharing as described in Article 2.6.
The following support is possible only after the Artist has consulted with the residency director.
*Regarding the deadline for support requests:
The following support may not be possible without a stated request from the Artist at least 2 weeks in advance. With this request, the Artist will provide information as to the contents of the event, desired date and time, and any other information towards the planning of the event.
4.1   Event
The Artist is provided with the opportunity to hold up to 1 event lasting up to 3 hours (including preparation time) during their residency in the assigned studio/gallery space that may take the form of artist talk, workshop, performance, etc. A detailed plan for the event must be submitted at least 2 weeks ahead. All associated material requiring translation or interpretation must be submitted at least 1 week in advance.
Event support offered by Untitled Space: basic interpretation/translation, event listing on the residence website and social media account, poster design, photo and video documentation, required audio or visual equipment (projector, speaker, microphone, etc.) (item may be limited due to availability, and certain equipment may cost an additional rental fee).
The responsibility of the Artist: All other publicity, materials, equipment, lighting (in the case of using space without spotlights), introducing the works, installation, and removal.
4.2   Exhibition
The Artist may join the group exhibition of the residency works only if notice is provided to Untitled Space no later than 2 weeks before the desired date. The duration of an exhibition is between 3 days to 1 month. All associated material requiring translation or interpretation must be submitted at least 1 week in advance.
Event support offered by Untitled Space: Event listing on the residence website and social media, poster design, photo, and video documentation, required audio or visual equipment (projector, speaker, microphone, etc.) (item may be limited due to availability, and certain equipment may cost an additional rental fee).
The responsibility of the Artist: All other publicity, materials, equipment, lighting (in the case of using space without spotlights), introducing the works, installation, and removal.

5   Artwork
The Artist is responsible for the production of their work during the residency period on their own.

6   Shipping
6.1   All expenses encountered in the transport of work and materials are to be covered by the Artist.
6.2   Shipping arrangements will be coordinated by the Artist in consultation with residence coordinator at least one week within the planned date of shipment.
6.3   The Artist is responsible for the proper packing of the work for the purposes of shipping.

7   Installation and Removal
7.1   Installation expenses (including labor fee, construction materials fee, shipping fee, etc) are to be covered by the Artist.
7.2   The Artist must consult the residence coordinator with regards to their installations plans.

8   The Release of Information
The Artist will provide the following material and agrees to its use by Untitled Space for promotional purposes (website, social media and paper documents etc).

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Portrait image
  • Artist statement
  • Project proposal/statement
  • Images of previous works

*The above must be submitted to Untitled Space no later than 1 week after the start of the residency.

9   Sale
9.1   The sale of work during the residency period will be between Artist and collector, all proceeds of sales of artworks are to be kept by the Artist, Untitled Space will not take any commission.
9.2   The sale of work during the exhibition period will be between Untitled Space and collector, Untitled Space will take 30% of the sale as commission.

10  Reproductions
Untitled Space will be permitted to make the photographic reproduction of the Artist’s works produced in residency for the purpose of publicity, reviews, educational program, archival documentation, and catalogue.

11  Cancellation and Changes
11.1  The Artist is prohibited from canceling their residency once agreed with this agreement. In the event of the Artist canceling their residency stay, there will be no refund from Untitled Space.
11.2  The Artist may not change the period of their stay after agreeing with this agreement. If the Artist needs to leave the residency program in the middle of their stay due to personal reasons, there will not be a refund from the Untitled Space.

1   驻地项目:无题空间艺术驻地
设施 无题空间驻地住处(1个单间和共享便利设施),无题空间驻地工作室(共享)
1.1   项目费用
费用: 8,800元人民币 (30天)
1.2   开放时间
1.3  押金

2   艺术家的责任
2.1   驻地项目
2.2   损坏
2.3   保险
2.4   签证
2.5   健康与安全
2.6   公共区域
2.7  垃圾处理和打扫
2.8   短期离开驻地

3   禁止的活动
3.1   任何打扰附近个人和其活动的行为,包括但不局限于危险行为,扰民噪音,怪异气味,危害健康或对基础设施的损坏。
3.2   制作或拥有任何危险物品,包括但不限于武器(刀具,枪支等),易燃和易爆物品。
3.3   往下水道倾倒任何腐蚀性物质或液体。
3.4   在驻地空间内保留,饲养和收养动物。
3.5   任何违反公共秩序和社会道德观的行为。  
3.6   举办宗教仪式或传播宗教主义。
3.7   政治性活动如宣扬政治主义,无论是支持或反对。
3.8  任何违法违章行为,犯法行为,包括但不限于宪法和刑法等。  
3.9   造成公共区域的障碍,如楼梯,走廊等,或在以上区域张贴标识和广告。
3.10  在取得许可下改造或改装设施和设备。
4   对艺术家的支持
4.1   活动
4.2   展览

5   艺术品

6   运输
6.1   作品和材料运输产生的所有费用由艺术家承担。
6.2   运输由艺术家提前一周与驻地联络人协商安排。
6.3   艺术家自行负责打包需要运输的艺术品。

7   布展和撤展
7.1   布展花费(包括人工费,搭建材料费,运费等)由艺术家承担。
7.2   艺术家必须与驻地联络人协商其布展方案。

8   信息发布

  • 简历
  • 肖像
  • 艺术家简介
  • 驻地计划书/简介
  • 代表作品照片


9   销售
9.1   驻地期间,艺术家作品的销售,所产生的一切金钱归艺术家所有,无题空间不收取任何佣金。
9.2   展览期间,展览作品的销售,无题空间收取销售30%的佣金。

10  复制品

11  取消驻地和改变驻地时间
11.1  艺术家在同意协议后,禁止取消其驻地项目。如艺术家取消其驻地项目,无题空间不退还驻地费用。
11.2  艺术家在同意协约后不能私自改变驻地时间。如艺术家因个人原因需提前离开驻地计划,无题空间不予返还艺术家所支付费用。