Untitled Space Artist in Residence Program encourages both young artists to continue their practice upon graduation and practicing artists to be keep inspired. Untitled AiR aims at providing an ideal living environment for all artists. Opens to all contemporary artists throughout the year (except February),  during the residency, artists are encouraged to create a new body of work, engage in conversation with artists and researchers from China and around the world.


  • 1 Month Program:30 days
  • 2 Months Program: 60 days
  • 3 Months Program:  90 days

*Each program is between the first day to the last day of the month.
*Artists cannot stay more than the listed days.

  • 一个月驻地:30天
  • 二个月驻地:60天
  • 三个月驻地:90天


Untitled Space will provide a sharing studio, each resident artist has their own working space. There is a wide variety of tool/equipment available for resident artists. For painters, easels and tool trolleys are available. For printmaking artists, we have exposure machine for silkscreen printing. For photography and multimedia artists, there are professional photography lighting gear, as well as a full HD projector, 4K monitor and dual-channel speakers. For ceramic artists, kiln and throwing wheels are also available. 


Selected artists will be provided with a private bedroom with a queen size(1.5m wide) or super single size (1.2m wide) bed and air conditioner (warm and cold), a desk and a chair, an open closet. Artists are free to share the kitchen, washing machine, and dryer in the common space.


Untitled Space will curate exhibitions for resident artists depend on the subject of works produced by resident artists. Exhibitions are a chance for resident artists to summarize their project in Untitled Space Artist in Residence Program. Resident artists will exhibit their works at Untitled Space Gallery according to our exhibition schedule (normally the exhibition take place at last weekend of the month). (Participation for the exhibition is not compulsory)

无题空间会根据驻地艺术家在驻地期间创作作品的主题,策划和举办相应的驻地作品展览。 驻地作品展览是驻地艺术家在无题空间驻地计划中总结他们的作品和体验的机会。驻地艺术家将根据我们的展览计划表在无题空间画廊展出期的驻地创作作品(一般驻地作品展览在每月最后一周的周末开幕)。(驻地艺术家可选择性参加驻地作品展览)

Untitled Space located at ancient water town - Zhujiajiao, it was established about 1,700 years ago. Stone bridges and numerous rivers line here, and many ancient buildings still line the riverbanks today. Every year, there are Water Village Music Festival, Dragon Boat Racing Tournament and many other events take place in Zhujiajiao. From Zhujiajiao to Shanghai downtown area is about 40mins by metro, walk from Untitled Space to Zhujiajiao metro station is about 15mins. Convenience stores, restaurants, bars, tea house, cinema, and other art space all in the same community.

无题空间坐落在有着1700多年历史的江南水乡古镇 - 朱家角。众多的石桥和小河分布于此,纵横交错,以及大量的古建筑依旧伫立在河岸的两旁。每年也有很多像水乡音乐节,赛龙舟邀请赛等活动在朱家角举办。从朱家角到市区乘坐地铁大约40分钟,从无题空间走路到朱家角地铁站大约15分钟。在同社区里也有便利店、饭店、酒吧、茶楼、电影院和其它艺术机构。

  • The residency program is run as a sustainable program. Resident artists need to pay a residency fee total of 8800CNY per artist for every 1 month (30 days) stay, which is to meet the minimum cost of running the residency program.
  • Residency Program does not carry any funding or sponsorship program yet, so encourage artists to manage the scholarship application, grants or financial support in their home countries during the application period. Untitled Space will provide the necessary documentation to the selected applicant that so requires.
  • The artist is responsible for transportation, food, art material, and other living expenses.
  • 无题空间驻地计划为可持续发展的驻地项目,因此艺术家驻留计划每一个月(30天)收费总共为8800元人民币,以平衡无题空间基本的运营成本。
  • 无题空间驻地计划目前没有基金会赞助和奖学金项目,所以鼓励艺术家申请所在国的基金会支持和赞助项目。我们会在力所能及的范围内提供所需文件的支持。
  • 艺术家须自行支付交通,餐饮,材料等个人支出。