Was I really here 我真得来过吗

Skills: Exhibitions 展览

Jinze is a video shoot in October 2018 in China. We meet Johny Ripato, woman looking but robot inside. Director of a robot factory, JRipato Corp. located in Brussels, she came to meet new clients in China. When she arrived in the place, she discovers this old industrial place where the Untitled Residency used to be located in Jinze at that time. Reinvested by nature, Johny goes to meet it and communicates with the plants. Connected with nature, this robot as a sensibility and share with the plants energy and feelings. Without making a noise, by touching them, she understands their lives and stories. On the sound of a Guqin, we follow this slow meeting like a journey in a suspended time and space in this Jinze place.

《金泽》是2018年10月在中国的拍摄的影像作品。 我们见到了Johny Ripato,有着女人外表的机器人。 她是位于布鲁塞尔的JRipato机器人工厂的老板,此次来到中国见新的客户。 当她到达这个地方时,她在无题空间金泽旧址的附近,发现了这片废旧的厂房。 自然再生,Johny Ripato与植物开始接触于交流。 与大自然相连,作为机器人的她,尝试去感受植物的的敏感和能量。 无声地,通过触摸它们,她感受到植物的生命与故事。 伴随着古琴的声音,在金泽这样一个时间和空间都仿佛暂停的地方,我们如旅行一般,跟随着这场缓慢的相会。

Henrietta MacPhee uses sculpture and painting to create an entertaining trompe l’oeil illusion and a sense of complexity that traverses the border between 2D and 3D.  Here, a leopard and a tiger climb a tree to escape from rising water, their natural instinct. With snarling faces and heads turned towards the viewer these wildcats express two opposing emotions, fear, and fierceness. Two entrance columns showing the transformation of weakness to strength in one stance. MacPhee’s work is a reflection of experience interwoven with imagination. She portrays scenes of poetic tenderness and humor, interweaving metaphors for embracing life’s diversity of peoples and their cultures. Her work is playful, representing an innocent yet thought-provoking relationship with the material form.

Henrietta MacPhee使用雕塑和绘画来创造一种有趣的错觉幻觉和复杂感,穿越2D和3D之间的边界。在这个作品里,一只豹子和一只老虎爬上一棵树,以逃避溺水,这是它们作为动物求生的本能。 随着咆哮的面孔和头转向观众,这些“猫科动物”表达了两种相反的情绪,恐惧和凶狠。 两个“门柱”以一种姿态表达了弱点到力量的转变。MacPhee的作品反映了与想象交织在一起的体验。 她描绘了诗意的温柔和幽默的场景,交织了隐喻,以包含生活中人和文化的多样性。 她的作品充满童趣,代表了与物质形式的单纯,但又发人深省的关系。

This body of work follows the reflection on my time spent here in Zhujiajiao focusing on identity and belonging. Using a variety of mediums, I document both the mundane and also the elation that comes with being in both an unfamiliar yet intimate place. An image of a bridge is used throughout the work as a representation of Zhujiajiao, but also to indicate a connection between two separate places of attachment, something I have been thinking about as an Asian American.