To Build a Playground of Intimacy 觅密乐园:寻找亲密感 Kitty Ng 吴施慧

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UИTITLEDSPΛCE July Upcoming Exhibition
Resident Artist Kitty Ng Solo Exhibition
 To Build a Playground of Intimacy 
Opening: 4th July (Sunday) 16:00


 展览导语 Introduction 



Every emotional connection between individuals is a building block that forms the intangible space in which relationships develop over time. A playground is a place associated with childhood wonder, joy, and laughter, where feelings shared are pure and unadulterated. To build a playground of intimacy is to build a mental space that emulates this physical safe space designed for and inhabited by children. Beyond the laughter and joy, feelings of sadness and anger are inevitable within the plane of intimacy, all of which are crucial for strong relationships to form. Each relationship also develops at its own pace and progresses through different stages, just as one physically moves between the different games at the playground. In the end, when the time to leave our playground comes, there are feelings of hesitancy and unwillingness to move on. This is the ephemeral nature of happiness: each fleeting moment is special by virtue of the fact that it is not everlasting. 

In this exhibition, Ng explores the different dynamics between old and new relationships she experiences in her early twenties through the contrast of past memories and make-believe images. Bittersweet Longings and Forward, We Go! depict Ng’s feelings of gratitude towards the female friendships in her life while comparing it towards projections of fantasy she has towards romance. The recurrence of the electric scooter serves as a thread to connect fantasy and reality by depicting the different amount of control she has within these two different types of relationships. Ng then brings the timeline back to the present time with On Guard (Thank You), to capture a moment that is understood between females and unique to the individuals within the piece. Each painting presents a playground of intimacy that she has built with others, whether it be physical or metaphorical. 


 展出部分作品介绍 Selected Works From Exhibition 


奔跑吧,少年!Forward, We Go!

布面油画 Oil on Canvas

双联画 Diptych: 150x180cm 每个尺寸 each



微微一笑 Bittersweet Fantasy

布面油画 Oil on Canvas




值班中 On Guard (Thank You)

布面油画 Oil on Canvas




如果我们在一起:旋转 In the Playground, We: Merry Go Round

布面油画 Oil on Canvas




如果我们在一起:跷跷板 In the Playground, We: Seesaw

布面油画 Oil on Canvas




如果我们在一起:荡秋千 In the Playground, We: Swings

布面油画 Oil on Canvas




 艺术家简介 About the Artist



她曾参加罗马的Palazzo Cenci(2019年)、RISD Gelman Gallery(2020年)以及罗德岛波塔基特的Machines and Magnets Gallery群展(2020年)。

Kitty Ng (b.1999, Hong Kong SAR) is a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily with Painting. She is currently studying Painting at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and is currently based in Hong Kong and Providence, USA. Her work mainly focuses on human interaction, relationships with self and loved ones, and cultural identity.

Kitty Ng typically depicts the figure in her works, providing the audience with an unparalleled level of intimacy and insight into her psyche. She often choreographs multiple figures in physical dialogue with each other to elevate the tension in the piece. When depicting a lone figure, she intends to create a connection between that person and the audience, allowing for a conversation that transcends physical space and time to occur.

She has participated in group exhibitions at Palazzo Cenci in Rome (2019), RISD Gelman Gallery (2020), and the Machines and Magnets Gallery in Pawtucket, Rhode Island (2020).