Skills: Exhibitions 展览


(France 法国)

Shadow On Concrete 《混凝土上的影子》

I have always worked with architectural ruins. They are the scars of a past, space where time has eroded all traces of superficiality. I am struck by how new development in its early construction phase, with only a foundation and skeleton support, ironically resembles a ruin. The paintings in this body of work are a mental construction of imaginary places. These colored forms are built through an instinctive expression to capture the immediacy of a gesture in the manner of a child, devoid of ego. Metro 17 is a 40-minutes train ride in real time between Zhujiajiao and Shanghai. However the ancient town of Zhujiajiao embodies the past, Shanghai the future, and between the two resides the present. 《中》is a video that cuts into this continuous flow of time and extracts an isolated sliver of the present. By projecting the video on to the painting I am fusing the emotional impulse of creativity with the rational concept of development.