蜘蛛和梦幻田园居 The Spider and Wonder Pastoral Villa

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UИTITLEDSPΛCE November Upcoming Exhibition

  The Spider and Wonder Pastoral Villa  

Opening: 28th November (Sunday) 16:00


 参展艺术家  Exhibited Artists 

黄明达 Mingda Huang

马若骢 Ruocong Ma



 展览导语 Exhibition Introduction 




The Spider and Wonder Pastoral Villa, begin by unearthing the cruelty and fun of daily life, creating an idyllic utopia that only belongs to the here and now. Huang Mingda uses fragmentary narration to construct a made-up paradise of the land of Peach Blossoms. He combines painting, installation, and immersive setting, conveying the loss under the daily life. Ma Ruocong’s painting is filled with hazy and firm strokes and white space. She personified the animal’s body to describe a certain idealized being. The sense of conflict gave birth to the two artists’ suspicion and self-examination of “Daily life” and “Utopia.”


 关于艺术家 About the Artist 


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Born in Manila, Philippines, in 1997, lives and works in Beijing. Studying for a master’s degree in oil painting at the Central Academy of fine arts.


The artist himself often employs a direct narrative method as a child painting. He is always guided by frisky elements and encounters accidents in the process of painting, which are the major factors to form his stories. For instance, feed shrimp and provide a water purifier for the hexagonal dinosaur to make it healthier; The princess pea can be soundly asleep with the company of a cool fan and tuneful music. He tries to permeate a little idealized emotion in the integrated context of a light heart and sense of humor spontaneously.


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2020年获得JIA国际插画艺术竞赛铜奖,作品刊登于 Altiba9艺术原创杂志05号。部分具象绘画由西班牙的Altiba9画廊代理。近几年她在纽约和伦敦的The Koppel Project画廊,伦敦Standpoint gallery ,纽约La MaMa Gallery画廊,纽约切尔西Blackbird gallery黑鸟画廊等画廊参展。


Born in Guangdong and raised in Beijing, Ruocong Ma undertook a BFA degree in illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She continued her studies at the Royal College of Art on the master’s program in sculpture. Now she is based in Shanghai.


Under the general theme of sex and gender, Ruocong Ma chose her personal puberty experience as a pointcut, exploring the violence and melancholy of adolescence and the power flow in sexual fantasies. She is enthusiastic about using the voice of a budding girl to depict the silence truculence. Instead of focusing on blood, scars, and conflict, she conveys anger and a sinking feeling in the pure flesh of a human or an animal in a tender way. She slowly rapes the viewer with her work, bringing an inescapable pressure upon the audience.


Ruocong Ma’s Painting was published in Altiba9 art magazine original05 and won the JIA Illustration Award 2020 Bronze Award. The series of figurative paintings were presented by the Altiba9 gallery. Her works have been exhibited in London and NYC, including Blackbird Gallery, NYC; La MaMa Gallery, NYC; Standpoint Gallery, London; The Koppel Project, London.


 部分展览作品 Selected Exhibited Artworks 



Chihuahua was unhappy again


Oil, acrylic, crayon, and spray on canvas





The PATAPON band faced the prospect of disbandment


Oil, acrylic, crayon, and spray on canvas






递我一张蓝图,and “Good luck to you”

布面油画,丙烯,蜡笔和喷漆,拖把布,纸壳板,热胶枪,泡沫板, Mac笔记本, 垫子

Oil, acrylic, crayon and spray on canvas, mop, carton, hot melt glue gun, foam board, Macbook air, mat




Don’t, look at me


Acrylic and Oil on canvas




Your centre


Acrylic and Oil on canvas




She is always here


Acrylic and Oil on canvas