Susanne Paulli

          Artists 驻地艺术家

Susanne Paulli

Artist       Denmark       Residency Period: April 2018

Susanne Paulli (b. Denmark) is a multidisciplinary artist living in Singapore. Susanne works in a wide range of mediums, from painting to photography, video, sound, text, found objects and installation. Through her art, she explores the notion of time, memory, displacement and the mundane, in relation to every day in modern society and nature.

Susanne graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, with an MA in Fine Arts in 2017. Before embarking on her postgraduate studies, Susanne has shown her works in several exhibitions, as well as being involved in humanitarian projects in the region. An active participant in the Singapore art scene, her works are in private collections in Singapore, Europe, United States and South Africa.

Susanne’s artworks are derived from the philosophical, psychological and the personal, where moments and memories are triggered by objects, sensations, smell, taste, and sound. Exploring the ordinary through “glimpses of time”, which are transformed into moments of consciousness, she finds inspiration in her immediate surroundings. She believes that art makes room for intuitive conversations and creates a chance to find the extraordinary within the ordinary.

She investigates the idea that moments and memory in our lifetime are fleeting and ever-changing, and that a recognition of this fact increases awareness and mindfulness of time. Simultaneously, she strives to examine the act of discovering beauty and balance within the simple and imperfect as it changes with time.

Susanne Paulli

艺术家       丹麦       驻地时间:2018年四月

Susanne Paulli(出生于丹麦)是一位居住在新加坡的多媒介艺术家。Susanne从绘画到摄影,录像,声音,文字,发现的物体和装置等各种媒介。通过她的艺术,她探索时间,记忆,流离失所和世俗的概念,涉及现代社会和自然界的每一天。




Previous Works  代表作品

Existence in the Canopy of Fleeting Moments & Memory, 2017

Snapshot Memoria 2017

Residency Works    驻地作品