Started with Light 始于光线 Alice Yutong Hua 华雨桐

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UИTITLEDSPΛCE July Upcoming Exhibition
Resident Artist Alice Yutong Hua Solo Exhibition
 Started with Light 
Opening: 11th July (Sunday) 16:00


 展览导语 Introduction 





“On a winter night, I conceived a plan. The plan was to explore images of caves, shade, crack,… that I imagined being ‘horrifying’ at the moment. A week later I finished the first trial and named it ‘Horror Game?’ 

The decision was made with innocence; obviously, the plan went to a failure. However, I found the long-term process of destruction and reconstruction of an incorporeal idea was rather fascinating. The imaginations do not realize in a controllable manner. I would like to call the process a game. It started with light, ended with a game.”


The exhibition consists of the artist’s recent exploration of the “Light Series” painting. Through the flow and solidification of various materials and colors, the artist tries to capture a moment of ambivalence, as much as the threshold before a dramatic change repeatedly through the coexistence and development of light and dark. From Horror Game?  to Peekaboo, from Something Precious to Laying on the grass, the piece arrangement also attempts to form an alternative rythm between light and dark by setting up specific abstract scenery.


  展出部分作品介绍 Selected Works From Exhibition  


躺在草地上,光系列 No. 5  Laying on the Grass – Light Series No.5

板上综合材料 Mixed media on panel




无题,光系列 No. 2  Untitled – Light Series No. 2

板上综合材料 Mixed media on panel




捉迷藏,光系列 No. 4  Peekaboo – Light Series No.4

板上综合材料 Mixed media on panel




行间书线 No. 1  Interlineation No. 1

板上综合材料,丙烯,铅笔 Acrylic, pencil, mixed media on panel




我有一个秘密  I Have a Secret

Mixed media on panel




恐怖游戏?Horror Game?

板上综合材料 Mixed media on panel




 关于艺术家 About the Artist


华雨桐 Alice,1995年出生于上海。现生活和工作在中国、美国和加拿大。作品以带有雕塑性质的绘画为主。高中毕业于加拿大St. Michael’s University School。曾在美国科尔比学院(Colby College)、芝加哥艺术学院(School of the Art Institute of Chicago)学习视觉艺术、音乐、化学、雕塑、戏剧和摄影。

热爱阅读与写作,深受中外虚构文学和古诗词中观察、体验、表达以及审美趣味的影响。大三(Junior Year)时从化学专业转修纯艺术。此后创作作品主要以抽象形式,运用多种材料探索自然与人造,随机与具象,生长与衰退的关系。



Alice Yutong Hua was born in 1995, Shanghai. Now lives and works in China, the US, and Canada. Her practice focuses on paintings with sculptural elements. She graduated from St. Michael’s University School in Victoria, BC, Canada. She then studied visual arts, music, chemistry, sculpture, theatre, and photography at Colby College and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

She has a great passion for reading and writing. She is deeply influenced by observation, experience, expression, and aesthetic preferences from fictional literature and ancient Chinese poetry. She transferred from a science to a fine art major in her junior year of college. Then she began her exploration of nature and artificiality, randomness and embodiment, organization, and entropy. 

“Things that exist naturally (≠Nature) do not always provide direct explanations. They do not articulate themselves into statements, forms, or signs. After tracing every principle element like color, material, dimension, light condition… the original intention from the creator is only a key. Everything can be fantastic or negligible; everything can be hidden inside a vague void, waiting for the viewers’ interpretations. Looking is the experience, and thus the result.”