Shi Ruoyi 石若宜

          Artists 驻地艺术家

Shi Ruoyi 石若宜 (China 中国)


Using the materials I found around in the town, I created some creatures inspired by the environment here. The “Windoats”, as I call them, are bottomless boats that have a reflective quality. They are made out of finding materials, like wood, metal, and glass found from the abandoned factories around Untitled Space. These creatures I’ve created are individually different, as I didn't follow any boat building rules and just let the materials to speak for themselves. I constructed a fictional narrative for the “Windoats” by using video and filming a documentary that following these creatures; moving them to the river and manipulating them in different methods. Through this documentary, I was also playing with how my sculptural works can engage with their environment as well.

我编造了一种名为《窗舟》的生物。利用无题空间周边旧厂房中搜集到的材料,我设法无规律而随心所欲地建造了一些无底的小船,特意不去遵循 一般建造船舶的方式而选择按照自己的经验和幻想进行造船,让材料本身发挥最大的作用。这些船只因无底而同时展现它们漂浮着的水底和反射着 的天光。在这个过程中,我为《窗舟》制作了一个虚拟的纪录片——记录它们的特征、生长过程和成长经历。通过在不同的环境中放置和操控它们, 我也同时在实验并探讨我的雕塑作品与周遭环境之间的关系。