Scott Anderson

Skills: Exhibitions 展览

Scott Anderson

(Australia 澳大利亚)

From Here to Pudong《从这里到浦东》

“From Here to Pudong” is an installation piece exploring deconstructed architectural forms via collage, painting and sculptural techniques. With this work, I am proposing that different media can work collectively as a hybridized practice and questioning the value and appropriateness of non - art materials, such as reclaimed cardboard within a fine-art context. With this work, I am offering visual relationships and dialogues to form through a multi-panel combination. By installing works in such a way, I am challenging the viewer and consequently questioning the validity of the formal gallery hang.

《从这里到浦东》是通过拼接、绘画和雕塑的创作技法,探索了建筑形式上解构的装置作品。通过这个作品,我想要尝试用不同的媒介,整体的创 作。以一种杂交的实践方式,再次思考在纯艺术创作的范畴内,使用非艺术材料(如捡来的纸盒)来创作的合理性。我也想通过多方面组合的形式, 让作品提供一种视觉关系和对话。用不同的方式挂起作品,我也想挑战观众对于展览的理解、以及不断的质疑传统画廊布展的合理性。