Sandra Hansen

          Artists 驻地艺术家

When thousands of fish died in Lake Erie in 2014. I began investigating water damage in local waterways, the Great Lakes, and the Pacific Gyre. I learned that ships cause 20% of the garbage while 80% comes from litter, industrial discharges, and garbage mismanagement. Pollution from chemicals and other anthropomorphic materials such as plastics and fibers combined with overfishing in our lakes, rivers, and oceans leads to fish extinctions and a loss of biodiversity in the water.  As humans drink the water and eat the fish we are ingesting microplastics and polyester fabric fibers into our bodies.  This is leading to endocrine disruption, hormonal changes, and increased cancers.  My research convinced me to become an environmental artist. “Our Exquisite Pollution” became a series of paintings, sculptures, and handmade papers examining the damage to our water.  Abstracted water is the motif in all of my art, whether it is in the form of waves, bubbles, rivers, fish, or the sea. This series also forced me to examine my own environmental practices in my home and studio to become a zero-waste artist.

2014年,当数千条鱼死于伊利湖时,我开始调查当地水道,五大湖和太平洋亚尔的水损害情况。我了解到,船只造成20%的污染,而80%来自垃圾,工业排放和垃圾管理不善。化学品和其他拟人化学材料(如塑料和纤维)的污染加上我们的湖泊,河流和海洋的过度捕捞导致鱼类的灭绝和水中生物多样性的丧失。随着人类饮水和吃鱼,我们将微塑料和聚酯织物纤维摄入体内。这导致内分泌紊乱,荷尔蒙变化和癌症增加。我的研究让我成为一名环保艺术家。 “我们的精致污染”成为一系列绘画,雕塑和手工纸张,检查对水的损害。抽象的水是我所有艺术的主题,无论是波浪,气泡,河流,鱼类还是海洋。这个系列也迫使我在家庭和工作室中研究自己的环境做法,成为一名零废物艺术家。