Rodolfo Edwards

          Artists 驻地艺术家

Born in Santiago Chile, on October 17th, 1981, the Artist made a name for himself by creating architectural scenes using Photography and Painting to showcase cultural and natural wildlife. Rodolfo earned his degree in Architecture and Urban Planning at the Universidad Católica de Valparaíso Chile 2007. As an Architect and Visual Artist, he combines his strong desire to project art thru space. He moved to New York City in 2010 to pursue a career in Visual Art; he was invited to study at The Arts Student League of New York in the four-year program, he received many grants, invitations, which ultimately led to being acquired into the Institutes permanent collection. His unique process of construction happens when building pieces or fragments which make up an image which then fills a screen. His unique process begins by drawing a Grid to which he carefully adds on layers of paint, then Architectural continues be adding elements of structure to his paintings. This is his way to begin the creation process. Rodolfo Edwards exhibited in Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile, Argentina, Miami, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and Shanghai. At The Arts Student League, he received a Merit Scholarship Award 2011, a Red Dot Award 2012, Inducted as part of their Permanent Collection. His work is published in the league's yearly prestigious magazine. Recently his pieces were shown at the 2014 Southampton New York Art Far, 2013 Clio Art Fair, 2012 Governors Island Art Fair, 2012 Carpe Diem Art Fair at City Hall Philadelphia, 2012 The Bronx Latino-American Biennal, 2012 Pinta Art Fair New York and 2012 Art Context Miami.

1981年10月17日出生于智利圣地,艺术家以摄影和绘画展示文化和自然野生动物的建筑场景为主要创作主题。 Rodolfo于2007年在智利天主教大学获得建筑与城市规划学位。作为一名建筑师和视觉艺术家,他将自己强烈的愿望融入项目艺术的空间中。他于2010年移居纽约市,从事视觉艺术生涯,他被邀请到纽约艺术学生联盟学习这个为期四年的课程,期间他荣获了许多基金赞助和邀请,最终其作品被收入学院永久收藏。他构建独特的构造过程发生在构建图像然后填满屏幕的碎片或碎片时。他以其独特的方式绘制油漆层上的网格,然后以建筑学的角度继续为他的绘画添加结构元素。 Rodolfo Edwards在智利圣地亚哥和瓦尔帕莱索,阿根廷,迈阿密,费城,新泽西,纽约和上海展出。在艺术学生联盟,他获得了2011年优异奖学金奖,2012年红点奖,其作品也作为永久收藏的一部分入选。他的作品发表在联盟每年一度的着名杂志上。最近,他的作品在2014年南安普敦纽约艺术展,2013年克里欧艺术博览会,2012年州长岛艺术博览会,2012年在费城市政厅举办的Carpe Diem艺术博览会,2012年Bronx Latino-American双年展,2012年纽约Pinta艺术博览会和2012迈阿密Art Context。

"The City narratives and its system of inner transformation such as its human component are aesthetically and discursively represented in my work. I express in my paintings, the relationships between stable and mutable, between permanent and ephemeral, while building a reflection space about the limits of domestic elements within a moving scene into an undetermined and generalized space, open to endless directions which exceed the architectural plan-view. Through such technique, perspective amplification, I state the territory crisis as a unity within time, becoming the architect of eternal transformation. From another angle, in most of my work is present there, the invalidation of the local, favoring the global territory, as if the dividing or geographical lines would be displaced by the globalized model, understanding urbanism at a parallel level to the interior in a scene guided by the postmodern access."

"我的作品中的美学和话语,都是为了表现城市叙事及其人的内部转化体系在。我努力在作品中表达了稳定与变化之间,永久与短暂之间的关系,同时在一个移动的场景中构建了一个关于本土元素极限的反射空间,进入一个不确定的,统一化的空间,可以超越建筑规划 - 视图。通过这样的技法,透视放大,我表达了领土危机作为时间的统一,成为永恒转型的建筑师。从另一个角度来看,在我的大部分作品中,本土是无效化的,全球化的领土是更有利的,仿佛分裂或地理的线路将被全球化的模式所取代,出现在一个平行于由后现代的场景中."