Redux 归来

Skills: Exhibitions 展览

L’amour de Amateur 《业余的爱》
Faded into You 《为你迷失》
Dagrun Adalsteinsdottir (Iceland 冰岛)

The lenticular prints L’amour de Amateur and Fade into You explore the fragile positions of individuals when it comes to prescribed social roles. The images are made out of finding material on the Internet, playing with algorithmic definitions of validations and identities. L’amour de Amateur plays with vague societally defined roles of amateurs versus professionals, and questions who defines these boundaries? Fade into You explores fashion and beauty through comic gestures of people playing or acting out certain social roles. 


China Redux 《中国归来》
Frankie Chow (Australia 澳大利亚)

This project reflects on the preservation and capitalization of tradition and ancient cultures in China during the present time of modernization and globalization. For two months I attempted to simulate traditional Chinese art forms with rudimentary skills while viewing tourist attractions of Zhujiajiao and the city of Shanghai. Merging together typically reformation, displacement, and retrospection.

这个系列作品反映了在现代化和全球化的背景下,对于中国传统和古文化的保护与资本化。在 拜访朱家角和上海的旅游景点后,我用两个月的时间,用最基本的技法,尝试去模拟中国传统的艺术形式。融合比较典型的中国图案和材料,基于阶层化、改革、替代和追忆的概念,这些作品是对我的祖籍国家的一场探索。

Watery Scene 《水景》
Liner Waves 《线性波浪》
Jina Jung (South Korea 韩国)

I portray the invisible forces of nature and try to communicate feeling within a moment, which allows for deeper contemplation between both the tangible and the intangible elements of nature. Since being in Zhujiajiao, I have created a series of paintings called "Watery Scene" and an animated video called "Liner Waves" which apply poetic scenes, infinite loops, and watery textures. By working on both paintings and 3D software gives the audience a chance to explore the depths and invisible layers composed therein.