Olivia Grizzle

          Artists 驻地艺术家

Olivia Grizzle (United States 美国)

Olivia Grizzle was born in October of 1994 in Massachusetts. Growing up, her family moved over 11 times in multiple places including Singapore, Belgium, and China. Olivia finished her last two years of high school at the Academy of Notre Dame de Namur in Villanova, Pennsylvania. In the summer of 2012, she attended the RISD Pre-College program for painting and ended up graduating with the Award for Best Artist in her class.

Today, Olivia recently acquired a BFA in Studio Art at New York University in May of 2017 with a minor in Chinese. In June of 2017, she also graduated from an internship program at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in NYC. Her primary medium of choice is painting, in which she likes to explore questions of spirituality versus rationality in today’s modern society through surrealistic imagery. Her work has been exhibited in multiple shows in both Berlin and NYC.

Olivia Grizzle 于1994年10月出生于马萨诸塞州。 在成长过程中,她的家人在包括新加坡,比利时和中国在内的多个地方移居了11次。 Olivia在宾夕法尼亚州维拉诺瓦的Academy of Notre Dame de Namur完成了她最后两年的高中学业。 在2012年夏天,她参加了RISD大学预科绘画课程,并最终获得了班级最佳艺术家奖。

今天,Olivia最近在2017年5月在纽约大学Studio Art获得了艺术学士学位,并辅修中文。 2017年6月,她还从纽约市Tanya Bonakdar画廊的实习计划毕业。 她选择的主要媒介是绘画,她喜欢通过超现实主义的形象来探索当今现代社会中灵性与理性的问题。 她的作品已在柏林和纽约的多场演出中展出


This series of works created at the Untitled Residency continues the artist’s investigation of the tension between spirituality and rationalism in modern society. All of the works are based on medical photography, with the two diptychs (Self-Portrait and a 29-year-old male with AIDS) based on photographs of the inner back of the human eye, or the “fundus”. The human eyes are a common image in Grizzle’s work because they have consistently carried a spiritual or religious connotation as the windows to the soul. While in contrast, western medicine often represents rationalism and the Enlightenment. Therefore paintings based on ophthalmology photographs are the ultimate way to highlight the tension Olivia is exploring.   

在无题空间驻地计划创作的这个系列作品,延续了艺术家对现代社会精神与理性主义张力的考察。 所有的作品都是以医学摄影为基础,以人眼内背部照片或“眼底”照片为基础,由两个部分组成(《自画像》,《29岁男性艾滋病》)。 人类的眼睛是艺术家作品中的一个共同形象,因为他们一直把灵性或宗教的内涵作为灵魂的窗户。 而西医常常代表理性主义和启蒙运动。 因此,基于眼科照片的创作,是佳的方法去强调艺术家正在探索的紧张。