Nancy Lunsford

          Artists 驻地艺术家

Nancy Lunsford

(United States 美国)

Extended Family《延展家庭》

These portraits are of people I have encountered in the last two months in Zhujaijaio, Shanghai, and Xi’an. I have come to think of them as an extended family although some I met only briefly in a shop or on the street. As a portraitist, I am fascinated by the human face in all its beauty and nuance, but the bright fluid colors and rapid execution of the portraits is also an homage to the phenomenal development of China since I was last here in 1984. On my second visit to Xi’an and the world heritage site of thousands of terracotta soldiers, I was moved once again by the skill and vastness of this ancient installation. The sculptures are always noted for the unique character of each face. My few portraits here are also a very humble homage to the work and lives of those long-ago artists. I know that in my ambition for productivity I do not do justice to many of my subjects’ features. But I hope I can at least convey a taste of each unique personality. This focus on particular individuals within a cohesive whole reflects the very real human struggle of balancing respect for the individual within the structure and goals of any family, whether personal, artistic or global.