Máximo Elizondo

          Artists 驻地艺术家

I´m an Argentinian artist. I was born in Buenos Aires the 1st of March of 1983. I think I have been drawing since my childhood but was in 2003 when I decided to dedicated full time to the arts. So I started to study painting. Then I enter the University of the arts I.U.N.A and at the same time I following some workshops with teachers like Marcia Schwartz and Ricardo Garabito, unique and special artists and professors.  Since 2003 I started to participate in group exhibitions in Buenos Aires. For the year 2007, I hold my first solo exhibition.

In the year 2010, I received the Darmasiswa Scholarship of the Republic of Indonesia. So I went one year to study arts to the Institut Seni Indonesia in the city of Surakarta. That scholarship was very important because I learned new and different techniques for making arts, and maybe more important, different ways of life. Also new opportunities. After I made my first solo show there, a Galerist from Jogjakarta, contact me to offer me an artist in residence program. That was a long residence, about two years, and end with a solo exhibition.

The last November I hold my last solo exhibition in Buenos Aires called “HIJO PRODIGO” (prodigal son). An exhibition to show all the work that I was made in Indonesia during my stay there.  Talking about my art I think have a lot of different influences. From the cartoons to the folk art and from the cubism to the surrealism. I don’t like to put labels in any way of art. I work and I fell stimulated by my surroundings and my emotions. Every work is unique and doesn’t need a justification but always is good for asking why. It´s a constant contradiction. I like the details. I like the irony. I like the color. I love the color. I like to represent the human condition, express all the emotions that we have. By watching, by thinking, trying to understand human behavior in life, in the different context of the people. With the other, with nature. The animals also have an important roll in my work.

我是一位阿根廷艺术家。1983年3月1日出生于布宜诺斯艾利斯。我想我从小就一直在绘画,但是在2003年我决定全职致力于艺术。所以我开始学习绘画。然后我进入艺术大学I.U.N.A,与此同时,我还跟随了一些像Marcia Schwartz和Ricardo Garabito这样的老师的独特而特殊的艺术家和教授的研讨会。自2003年以来,我开始参加布宜诺斯艾利斯的群展。 2007年,我举办了第一次个人作品展。

在2010年,我收到了印度尼西亚共和国的Darmasiswa奖学金。所以我花了一年的时间在苏腊卡尔塔市的印度尼西亚研究所学习艺术。那奖学金非常重要,因为我学习了新的不同的艺术创作技巧,也许更重要的是不同的生活方式。还有新的机会。在我做了第一次个展之后,来自Jogjakarta的Galerist与我联系,为我提供了一个艺术家的住宅项目。这是一个长期的居所,大约两年,并以个展结束。去年11月,我在布宜诺斯艾利斯举办了最后一次名为“HIJO PRODIGO”(浪子)的个展。一个展览,展示我在那里逗留期间在印度尼西亚所做的所有工作。