Maja Lindberg Schwaner

          Artists 驻地艺术家

Maja Lindberg Schwaner (Denmark 丹麦)

Dream Tumor《梦瘤》

Dream tumor. A household item that has lost its function, now becoming something other, something alive and grossly cute. With its pastel coloring, the organic textures take on an otherworldly glow, also to be found in a teen girls room. The foam, spreading out on the surface, are also growing out of it, spreading like joy and diseases. The patches of foam can seem like beings of their own. One entity and many. The whole thing is on the verge of collapse but also that is a matter of transformation. What looks like a planetary surface might also look like something on the inside of the body, a strangeness closer to home. Made of a ventilator stand, fabric, plaster, polyurethane foam.

梦瘤。一种失去了功能的家用品,变成了一种有生命的,恶心且可爱的的异物。蜡笔般的色彩和自然的纹理让其有着超脱尘俗的光芒。它也可以在 少女的房间里找到。遍布其表面的泡沫,也从内向外的生长着,像快乐和疾病一样在蔓延。泡沫上的补丁也可看作是独立的存在, 一个实体和多个实体。整体形态上在瓦解的边缘,但大约也是变形的问题。看上去像是行星的表面也可被看做是身体内在某种器官,诡异的、又如家一般的亲切感。由电风扇底、布料、石膏和发泡剂制作。