Lesleigh Goldberg

          Artists 驻地艺术家
Lesleigh Goldberg
Artist      United States      http://lesleigh.net/       Residency Period: April 2018

Born in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A, and formally trained as a sculptor, with a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania; Lesleigh Goldberg’s life and work is a true reflection of an international artist who transcends boundaries and is at home across the world. From her roots in America to her work in France, Southeast Asia, Croatia and now India, Lesleigh’s art practice draw its strength from her immediate landscape.

Lesleigh has exhibited her work extensively in France and in the United States. Her work brings together the Muses that inspire the creation of literature and art in Grecian mythology alongside the Navarasa, the nine essences fundamental in the creation of almost all forms of Indian art.

Through the lens of her camera Lesleigh closely observes and absorbs life’s myriad change of course. Several images taken over different spans of time in different worlds find themselves cohabiting the same space. Lesleigh uses the computer to manipulate, morph, juxtapose, contextualize and de-contextualize layered meanings in her photographs.

Since living in New Delhi, Lesleigh has been working on images using a nude and placing her in surreal environments, dreamlike and mysterious. These images very often incorporate architectural elements, the sky, and the sea photographed during the artists travels across the world. The sky in Lesleigh’s art foregrounds and envelops the nude sitter, the visual imagery transporting us into unknown realms both imagined and real, from both the artist’s perspective and from our own hopes and fears.

The Female is a theme that permeates her work. There is also the sculptor's need to express three-dimensionalities. Thus the ‘Crucifix‘ series, including infanticide, have come into being. The works are made in ceramic and mounted on plexiglass. These powerful sculptures express women's repression and persecution since the beginning of time. They represent the inequality and prejudice that women face in life that continues to this day. 

Lesleigh Goldberg
艺术家      美国      http://lesleigh.net/       驻地时间:2018年四月

出生于美国科罗拉多州丹佛市,毕业于宾夕法尼亚大学美术学士和硕士学位; Lesleigh Goldberg的作品和实践是她作为一个国际艺术家,跨越各国界和在世界各地生活的真实反映。从她的家乡美国,到她在法国、东南亚、克罗地亚、印度和现在的泰国的作品,Lesleigh的艺术实践也从她生活的地方获取灵感。



自从生活在新德里以后,Lesleigh一直在使用裸体形象,并将这种形象置于超现实的环境中,如梦似幻,神秘莫测。这些图像通常包含建筑元素,在艺术家环球旅行中拍摄的天空和大海。 Lesleigh的艺术实践中的天空围绕着一位坐着的裸体女人,视觉图像将观众们带入想象力和现实的未知领域,无论是从艺术家的角度,还是从观看者自己的希望和恐惧中。


Previous Works     代表作品

Residency Works    驻地作品

My recent work is photo collage, subject the female face often with flowers. The photographs I take are printed on canvas, two prints of the same image, then the color is applied, and one image is cut freehand and glued to the other image. Since I am trained as a sculptor I am always searching for a way to make the flat photo more three dimensional and alive. The collage helps to achieve that.

Lesleigh最近的作品是照片拼贴,经常用鲜花对女性脸部进行处理。 Lesleigh拍摄的照片在画布上打印,两张相同图像的照片,然后应用颜色,一张图像被徒手剪下并粘在另一张图像上。 由于Lesleigh受过传统雕塑的训练,她一直在寻找一种方式让平面照片更具立体感和活力。 拼贴这种表达方式有助于艺术家实现这一目标。