Known and strange things pass 流逝已知的和陌生的事物 Ja Min Yie

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Born in Seoul, Korea, Yie received her BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2011 and her MFA in Painting from the Marchutz School of Fine Arts in 2017. She has participated in the MASS MOCA Residency Program (2019), Arteles Creative Center SAE Residency (2018), and the Hemera Foundation Tending Space Fellowship (2017). Her works have been exhibited in the US, France, and Canada.

Yie 出生于韩国首尔,2011年毕业于罗德岛设计学院(Rhode Island School of Design),并获得插画专业的学士学位; 2017年获得了Marchutz美术学院(Marchutz School of Fine Arts)的绘画硕士学位。她参加了MASS MOCA的驻地计划(2019年)。Arteles Creative Center SAE 驻地计划(2018年)和Hemera Foundation Tending Space 奖学金获得者(2017年)。她的作品曾在美国,法国和加拿大展出。

“ You are neither here nor there, a hurry through which known and strange things pass"——Seamus Heaney, "Postscript"

“你不在这儿也不在那儿,在这一瞬间你熟悉的和陌生的事呼啸而过”——谢默斯•希尼   《后记》

South Korean artist Ja Min Yie is pleased to present “Known and strange things pass,” a series of exploratory paintings investigating still life. Yie previously specialized in landscapes, rendering them as syntheses of light and surface in which luminosity operates as both effect and structure. Yie’s current work with still lives is more experimental, some pieces yet unresolved. This exhibition is an opportunity to showcase new works and directions.

韩国艺术家 Ja Min Yie 很高兴来呈现《流逝的已知的、陌生的事物》,这是探索“静物”的系列绘画作品。Yie 在此之前专门研究风景画,并将它们渲染为光和表面的合成,其中亮度既是作为效果又是作为其结构。 Yie目前关于静物的作品更具实验性,且有些作品尚未完全完成。 本次展览有机会展示了新的作品和新的创作方向。

Yie approaches painting as a phenomenological activity. Her method comprises sustaining a continued direct response to what arises in the immediate present. The straightforwardness of this technique dilates reality by effacing the self and removing the limits of habituated concepts. In return, Yie’s paintings reveal forms that are unexpected, nuanced, and uniquely themselves.

Yie 将绘画视为一种现象学的行为。 她的方法论包括了维持对当下出现的情况的持续的直接反应。 这种技法上的坦率,通过弱化自我并消除习惯性概念的局限性来扩展现实。 同样,Yie的绘画揭示了意想不到的,细微差别的和独特的艺术形式。