Keepsake 信物

          Exhibitions 展览

Globe-Trotter Diaries 《漫游家日记》
Jaime Ekkens (United States) 吉米 艾肯斯(美国)

Travel teaches us the ability to improvise and invent. How to plan and throw the plan away. How to trust and tune into gut-instinct and intuition. I work from photographs I collected backpacking throughout Asia. My subjects range from ancient temples and preserved water towns to everyday settings like markets, Tuk Tuk drivers, and motorcyclists on their latest delivery run. I try to have a sense of humor in my work. The monk in robes with a smartphone or the cat surveying the wet market selling fish offer a wink to the viewer. Negative space is another theme of my work, offering a viewer a place for their own imagination to wonder or rest. My medium of drawing in graphite pencil on paper, a classical art tool in a digital era. The paper I collage with is sourced from Shanghai, the place of my current artist residency.

旅行教会我们临时应变和创作的能力。如何计划推到计划。如何信任和调整直觉和直觉。 我通过在亚洲各地收集背包的照片来创作。 我的主题范围从古老的寺庙和保存完好的水乡到日常环境,如街头市场,三轮车司机或骑电动车飞驰的外卖小哥。 我试着在作品中保持幽默感。 玩手机的僧侣或调查卖鱼的海鲜市场的猫对着我眨眼。 空白空间是我作品的另一个主题,为观众提供了一个让自己想象不到的地方。 我的绘画媒介是纸上的石墨铅笔,是数字时代的经典艺术材料。 我拼贴的纸张来自我现在所驻留的上海。

From Where I Am《所在之处》
Jessica Oreck (United States) 杰西卡 欧莱克(美国) 

The collages in the series each engage directly with a sense of place. Every collection is comprised of materials gathered in a single location. Drawing on the limitations and precision of the imagery, the collages reveal a sort of palimpsest of ethos - a layering of mutating cultural vogues, the anonymous censorship of time, and my own socially muddied sense of self. This particular set of collages, collected and constructed in Zhujiajiao, speaks to a distinct progression of imagery.  The grid of time-honored calligraphy paper functions to catalogue and organize accretions of multiple decades – a physical mapping of the contemporary onto the traditional. The collages motivate questions of cultural expectations and recognition.  When we are left with only remnants – when there is only the vestige of a glance or a fragment of a gesture – why do our interpretations remain intact and distinctly whole? 

这个系列中的拼贴画每个都直接地与地方感有关。 每个系列都由聚集在一个位置的材料组成。 借助图像的局限性和精确性,拼贴画揭示了一种极端的精神,一种变异的文化流氓,对时间的匿名审查,以及我自己的社会混乱的自我意识。 在朱家角收集和建造的这组特殊拼贴画讲述了一个独特的图像进展。 历史悠久的书法纸的网格用于编目和组织数十年的增长 - 当代与传统的物理映射。 拼贴画激发了文化期望和认可的问题。 当我们只留下残余物时 - 只有一瞥的痕迹或一个手势的碎片 - 为什么我们的解释仍然完好无损并且完全是完整的?

Foong Yeng Yeng (Malaysia) 冯芓菻 (马来西亚)

Foong Yeng Yeng had her residency programme for 2 months at Untitled space, Shanghai, China. Through all her experience during her residency programme, she has made the painting significantly different from her previous artwork. The objective of her artwork is to show the significant differences cross-culture between Chinese China and Chinese Malaysia. Everything she had experience surround her is seen expressively influenced in her artwork. This painting represents the artist feels, during the residency in Untitled space, Shanghai (China).


Extended Family《延展家庭》
Nancy Lunsford (United States) 南希 斯福特 (美国)

These portraits are of people I have encountered in the last two months in Zhujaijaio, Shanghai, and Xi’an. I have come to think of them as an extended family although some I met only briefly in a shop or on the street. As a portraitist, I am fascinated by the human face in all its beauty and nuance, but the bright fluid colors and rapid execution of the portraits is also an homage to the phenomenal development of China since I was last here in 1984. On my second visit to Xi’an and the world heritage site of thousands of terracotta soldiers, I was moved once again by the skill and vastness of this ancient installation. The sculptures are always noted for the unique character of each face. My few portraits here are also a very humble homage to the work and lives of those long-ago artists. I know that in my ambition for productivity I do not do justice to many of my subjects’ features. But I hope I can at least convey a taste of each unique personality. This focus on particular individuals within a cohesive whole reflects the very real human struggle of balancing respect for the individual within the structure and goals of any family, whether personal, artistic or global.