Justin Lee

          Artists 驻地艺术家

Justin Lee was awarded Mont Blanc Young Artist World Patronage Project 2006, Hamburg, German. He was also awarded the Lasalle Scholarship (Master of Fine Art), NAFA Scholarship for his BA degree course in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore in 2005 and the National Art Council, Georgette-Chen Arts Scholarship for his Diploma in Fine Arts from the Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore which he completed in 1999. In 2000, he was selected to complete a 6-months intensive training program at the Tyler Print Workshop in New York, under Mr. Ken Tyler’s supervision. He returns and worked as an apprentice with the Singapore Tyler Institute for two years.

Justin Lee series of works bring a different understanding of today’s Singapore society and lifestyle with a blend of east and west cultures. Justin also seeks to record everyday lifestyle into visual art based on his cultural, and its surrounding by doubting questions appearances. He believes that art plays an important part in helping people to grow and to see the important role play and awareness of themselves. His current works reflect on how text influences and controls the users in our daily lifestyle. His works also reflect on words and images from the mass media like signage, billboards and consumer products which control our thoughts and expression. 

Justin Lee是2006年德国汉堡万宝路青年艺术家世界赞助项目的获得者。 在2005年,他还获得了Lasalle奖学金(美术硕士),NAFA奖学金,2005年获得新加坡南洋美术学院学士学位。1999年,在新加坡国家艺术委员会Georgette-Chen艺术奖学金的赞助下获得新加坡Lasalle-SIA艺术学院的艺术。2000年,他被选中在Ken Tyler先生的监督下,在纽约Tyler Print工作室完成为期6个月的强化培训课程。他回到新加坡泰勒学院并在那里当学徒两年。

Justin Lee的系列作品通过融合东西方文化,对今天的新加坡社会和生活方式有了不同的理解。他还试图将日常生活方式记录在基于他的文化的视觉艺术中,并通过怀疑问题出现在周围。他认为,艺术在帮助人们成长,发挥重要作用和自我意识方面起着重要作用。他目前的作品反映了文本如何影响和控制用户的日常生活方式。他的作品也反映了大众媒体的文字和图像,如标牌,广告牌和消费品,它们控制着我们的思想和表达。

In this series of work, Justin uses stop-motion photography to capture the movement of appearance and behavior, based on the overloaded of digital paradigms.

By looking at the pleasure and displeasure on selfie portraiture, the artist stands to question on how one behaves or response emotionally with circumstances, mood and relationship with social media.

The artist is trying to explore multiple selfie shots with a desire to over-share shots, in unintended blurry parts that allow people to rethink on how selfie might construct our behavior unconsciously, with today’s advancement of technology gadgets we are living in.