Jessica Oreck

          Artists 驻地艺术家

Jessica Oreck

(United States 美国) 

From Where I Am《所在之处》

The collages in the series each engage directly with a sense of place. Every collection is comprised of materials gathered in a single location. Drawing on the limitations and precision of the imagery, the collages reveal a sort of palimpsest of ethos - a layering of mutating cultural vogues, the anonymous censorship of time, and my own socially muddied sense of self. This particular set of collages, collected and constructed in Zhujiajiao, speaks to a distinct progression of imagery.  The grid of time-honored calligraphy paper functions to catalogue and organize accretions of multiple decades – a physical mapping of the contemporary onto the traditional. The collages motivate questions of cultural expectations and recognition.  When we are left with only remnants – when there is only the vestige of a glance or a fragment of a gesture – why do our interpretations remain intact and distinctly whole? 

这个系列中的拼贴画每个都直接地与地方感有关。 每个系列都由聚集在一个位置的材料组成。 借助图像的局限性和精确性,拼贴画揭示了一种极端的精神,一种变异的文化流氓,对时间的匿名审查,以及我自己的社会混乱的自我意识。 在朱家角收集和建造的这组特殊拼贴画讲述了一个独特的图像进展。 历史悠久的书法纸的网格用于编目和组织数十年的增长 - 当代与传统的物理映射。 拼贴画激发了文化期望和认可的问题。 当我们只留下残余物时 - 只有一瞥的痕迹或一个手势的碎片 - 为什么我们的解释仍然完好无损并且完全是完整的?