Jaime Ekkens

          Artists 驻地艺术家

Jaime Ekkens

(United States 美国)

Globe-Trotter Diaries 《漫游家日记》

Travel teaches us the ability to improvise and invent. How to plan and throw the plan away. How to trust and tune into gut-instinct and intuition. I work from photographs I collected backpacking throughout Asia. My subjects range from ancient temples and preserved water towns to everyday settings like markets, Tuk Tuk drivers, and motorcyclists on their latest delivery run. I try to have a sense of humor in my work. The monk in robes with a smartphone or the cat surveying the wet market selling fish offer a wink to the viewer. Negative space is another theme of my work, offering a viewer a place for their own imagination to wonder or rest. My medium of drawing in graphite pencil on paper, a classical art tool in a digital era. The paper I collage with is sourced from Shanghai, the place of my current artist residency.

旅行教会我们临时应变和创作的能力。如何计划推到计划。如何信任和调整直觉和直觉。 我通过在亚洲各地收集背包的照片来创作。 我的主题范围从古老的寺庙和保存完好的水乡到日常环境,如街头市场,三轮车司机或骑电动车飞驰的外卖小哥。 我试着在作品中保持幽默感。 玩手机的僧侣或调查卖鱼的海鲜市场的猫对着我眨眼。 空白空间是我作品的另一个主题,为观众提供了一个让自己想象不到的地方。 我的绘画媒介是纸上的石墨铅笔,是数字时代的经典艺术材料。 我拼贴的纸张来自我现在所驻留的上海。