Jae Youl Jeoung

          Artists 驻地艺术家

Flesh and stone 《肉与石》
Jae Youl Jeoung (South Korea 韩国)

The artist Jae Youl Jeoung concerns about the invisible and intangible phenomena and variations according to environmental human conditions. Explore the materiality of object and subject relation to weightiness. The sense of weight here refers to at least minimum movements from surroundings such as gravity, tension, and other atmospheric conditions.

As individual memories of object and subject are all different, between the ideality and the reality we think are a continuation of the encounter to sealed or unsealed fragments of our own memories. The memories also apply a little bit of regeneration pressure through silent regeneration. They are similar to those shown on the ground and to those exposed on the surface or being in the air.

According to his understanding of sculpture is a standing form object. And his paintings are recognized as reminders of a corner of the memories. He maximizes the properties of materials and objects that are subtle elements and sensitive to peripheral motion, making them feel they are incapable of measurement as lingering imageries in physically and mentally. Also, he addresses the possibility of invisible and intangible matters to be another form of the language.



根据郑在烈对雕塑的理解 - 是一个站立形式的物体。以及他的画作被认为是记忆角落的提醒。他最大限度地提高了材料和物体的属性,这些物质和物体是微妙的元素,对周边运动很敏感,使他们感觉自己无法在身体和精神上作为挥之不去的图像进行测量。此外,他还将隐性和无形问题的可能性理解为另一种形式的语言。