Iran China AIR Exchange Program Open Call 中国伊朗艺术家驻地交换项目

          Open Call 公开招募

Brief About This Program

Iran and China, owner of the two great civilizations in the world, with thousands of years of art and civilization, who have been in an extended and continuous communications and trades, have never had a record of them being in war for a difference in opinions, and this is a witness of their growth in arts and cultural issues which have been a cause of their progressive friendship. Without a doubt, art is the mutual language among the whole world with differences in color, language, and culture, which has been and still is, a harbinger of peace and friendship. In this path and for creating and stabilizing the intercultural communications between two strong in culture and art countries of Iran and China, "Yaqoot Residency" from Iran and "Untitled Space" from China have planned for a mutual art and artists exchange program and will publish it in an Open Call form for artists of the two countries, so that be an improvement in artistic and cultural communications for each party, considering this to be a fresh, and nurturing space toward the improvement of  all sorts of arts and be a bridge in exchanging ideas and artistic views in artistic and cultural society.

About Yaqoot Residency

Negarestan Art Centre (Yaqoot Residency) holds ten rounds of residency programs every year. Artists will work in studios and workshop spaces in Negarestan Art Centre, located in Qazvin, Iran. A really stimulating and flexible environment will be provided for artists from all around the world to have new experiences and create new works. This event is also an extraordinary chance for those group of artists who are looking for growth in recognition and selling of their most recent artworks, which is of course, besides the advantage of studying on Persian art and culture, a unique opportunity to introduce themselves to the art world in international levels. The residency will be in "Negarestan Art Centre", "Yaqoot Art Gallery", and also "Bazaar Cistern".

Residency Duration

1st October 2017 to 30th October 2017

Application Deadline

25th August 2017


  • Total cost for one month stay in this exchange AIR program is 5300RMB (including 6% tax 300 RMB).
  • AIR program is a non-profit program, does not carry any funding or sponsorship program yet, so encourage artists to manage the scholarship application, grants or financial support in their home countries during the application period. Untitled Space will provide the necessary documentation to the selected applicant that so requires.
  • The artist is responsible for transportation, food, art material and other personal expenses. 

Application information

To apply for the Untitled Space Artist in Residence Program, please fill in the online application form at

or email the following information to

  • Name
  • Email
  • Website/online Portfolio
  • Biography
  • Residency Proposal




Negarestan艺术中心 (Yaqoot 驻地计划) 每年举办十轮艺术家驻地计划。艺术家在坐落在伊朗加兹温的Negarestan艺术中心的工作室和工作坊展开创作。提供给来自世界各地的艺术家一个令人兴奋且多样化的创作环境。此驻地计划也给艺术家们提供一个提高区域性认知度和展示最新作品的机会,于此同时也是一次了解和学习波斯文化和艺术的全新体验。是一次在国际艺术舞台上展示自己艺术作品的独特的机会。此驻地计划会在Negarestan艺术中心,Yaqoot画廊和Bazaar地下宫殿展开。






  • 艺术家驻留每月所需支付费用为5300元人民币(包括6%的300元税金)。
  • 驻地计划为非盈利项目,目前没有任何基金和赞助项目,所以鼓励艺术家申请所在国的基金会支持和赞助项目。我们会在力所能及的范围内提供所需文件的支持。
  • 艺术家须自行支付交通,餐饮,材料等个人支出。




  • 姓名
  • 电子邮件地址
  • 网站或线上作品集
  • 个人简介
  • 驻地计划书