I Have Kind of Feeling 我有一种感觉

Skills: Exhibitions 展览

Roshelle Fong (Australia 澳大利亚)

Fresh from winning Melbourne Fringe Festival’s 2018 award for Innovation in Diverse Practice, and sell-out seasons in Sydney, Melbourne and Iceland, nomnomnom debuts in China. In this immersive food delivery show, audience roleplay as nomnomnom staff on a job trial. Guided by star employee Trevor, you will walk the streets of Old Town interacting with actors and entering local businesses and residential houses. The twist? Nomnomnom isn’t a real food delivery company - it’s a companion service for ‘sheng nu’. The show runs 9-11 August. Sign up to see how far Trevor will go to please his female clients...

Starring: Daniel Last, 何湘云, Sharon Zhang, Maggie Guan, 郝正

刚刚赢得墨尔本2018年边缘艺术节的多样化实践创新奖,以及在悉尼,墨尔本和冰岛的都一票难求的nomnomnom,将在中国首次亮相。 在这沉浸式的外卖剧场中,观众们扮演nomnomnom的实习员工。在明星员工Trevor的带领下,您将走在古镇的街道上,与演员们一起互动,进入小店和住家中。亮点在哪? Nomnomnom不是一家真正的外送公司 - 它是”剩女“的配套服务。 演出于8月9日至11日举行。 加入演出来了解Trevor为了取悦他的女性客户能做出多大的牺牲。

主演:Daniel Last,何湘云,Sharon Zhang,Maggie Guan,郝正

Francoise Issaly (Canada 加拿大)

My work is based on series, patterns, recurrences and the use of abstract forms. During my month at Untitled Space, I worked on a series of drawings and paintings in which I use traditional Buddhist and Chinese iconography to create abstract visual compositions. Thangka painting backgrounds are made with coded and abstracted representations of nature and landscape elements, each having a precise meaning and place in the overall composition. I extract these elements from their original context and combine them into non-narrative abstract compositions. I am interested in patterns and question the perception of shapes and symbolism when used outside of an originally intended setting. I explore the mnemonic effects in the narrative /non-narrative of forms and language while playing with positive and negative space in the structure of my compositions.

我的作品基于一系列的,模式化的,重复的和抽象形式的运用。 在我无题空间驻地的一个月里,我创作了一系列的绘画,其中我使用传统的佛教和中国图像来创作抽象的视觉元素。唐卡绘画的内容由自然和景观元素,编码般的宗教元素和抽象表示构成,每个都在整体构图中具有精确的含义和位置。 我从原始语境中提取这些元素,并将它们组合成非叙事性的抽象图像。 我对图腾化感兴趣,并在创作预期之外时,去质疑形状和象征的感知。 我在表达形式和语言的叙事/非叙事中探索记忆效应,同时在我的作品结构中尝试不同的正反空间。

First Impression 《第一印象》
Mike McCormick (Canada 加拿大)

For my first project working in a visual medium, I wanted to create an algorithmic composition that would allow me to experiment with several programming environments and explore my visual aesthetic. Field recordings collected during evening walks in Zhujiajiao were used to compose a sonic portrait of the old city. This composition was then analysed for musical characteristics in real-time using the SuperCollider software. Data produced by the analysis was then fed into an algorithm written in Processing, which uses the data to “paint” a visual representation of the sonic scene. 

这是我在视觉媒体中创作的第一个项目,我想创建一个算法组合,能够允许我尝试几个编程环境并探索我的视觉美学。 在朱家角晚间散步时收集的现场录音用于构成古镇的声音肖像。 然后使用SuperCollider软件实时分析该作品组合的音乐特性。 然后将分析产生的数据输入到用Processing编写的算法中,该算法使用数据“绘画”出声音场景的视觉表示。

Vera Wong 王雅慧 (China 中国)

The human body, especially the "body" that moves in space, has become the core content of this Shanghai resident creation. The "body" spatiotemporal state - its condensed energy and fluctuating moods - are imbued in the initial stage of painting,and then with the constant addition and removal of rationality, the picture presents a thick "simpleness", transcending time. I hope that the work itself will be in an open state. The viewer will see different pictures at different times, and I hope that people can constantly examine themselves when they see the painting.


Casey Avaunt (United States 美国)

This piece explores notions of being outside but looking in and inside but looking out. In doing so, I investigate how external forces exert themselves upon us to shape our selves in ways we never intended, giving rise to feelings of control and constriction. Shifting between specific movement efforts, I seek to combine fluidity with a more staccato musicality.

这个舞蹈探讨了外面的观念,但是向内看,但却又向外看。 在这个舞蹈中,我探索了外部力量如何使我们以我们从未想过的方式塑造自我,从而产生控制和收缩的感觉。在特定的运动力度之间转换,我寻求舞蹈重,流动性与更加断断续续的音乐性结合起来。