Hyun J Lim

          Artists 驻地艺术家

Hyun J. Lim is a Seoul-based artist from S. Korea. She graduated from Ehwa Woman's University in Seoul, S. Korea with BFA and MFA degrees in Painting and Printmaking. Her artwork has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally since 2007, including White Blossom at Zesty Crank in Seoul, S. Korea; Flowerpot, at Satellite Project Space & Gallery in Seoul, S. Korea; Brilliant Air, at Space Ggooll, Seoul, S. Korea; Organic Landscape, at Kronen Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland; Catch Of the Year2, at Dienstgebäude, Zurich, Switzerland; Asian Spirit, at Scola Art Center, Beijing, China. She was an artist-in-residence at takt, Berlin, Germany in 2015, at Goyang Media Center, Goyang, S. Korea, 2011-12, and at Open Space Bae, Busan, S. Korea, 2010.

Human possesses curiosity towards other creatures and interior of objects. These kinds of curiosity often accompanied by imaginations, may sometimes transform into voyeurism. My drawings, “the strange world” are based on curiosity and imaginations toward unacquainted world from 2005. Sometimes this repetitive action to make works is a kind of performance. My drawings had started with the interest about biological mechanism and they have been transformed into psychological and subconscious forms. This kind of transformation is possible because the internal organisms allow infinite imaginations.

I started to do performance works from 2010. Fascinated by our relentless unfamiliarity with our own bodies, taken for granted and subjected to impulse. Based on my own personal experiences, memory, and learning, I engaged my drawings and videos through a process of immersive performance. I sought meaning within my own body and behavior.

I had started to "Green Landscape series" which are my big oil painting works from 2012. Brushing process is an important factor in my paintings. Sometimes it can be the process of meditation. I started new abstract oil paintings' series, "White Blossom" from 2017. Now, I am working this series.

Hyun J. Lim是来自韩国的首尔艺术家。她毕业于韩国首尔梨花女子大学,获得BFA和绘画和版画制作硕士学位。她的作品自2007年以来一直在国际性的个展和群展中展出,其中包括位于韩国汉城的Zesty Crank的White Blossom,位于韩国首尔的Satellite Project Space&Gallery的花盆; Brilliant Air,韩国首尔首尔太空Ggooll,瑞士苏黎世Kronen画廊的有机景观;在瑞士苏黎世的Dienstgebäude举办的Year 2年庆典:亚洲精神,北京斯科拉艺术中心。她于2015年在德国柏林的takt,高新媒体中心,韩国高阳,2011-12,以及2010年在韩国釜山的Open Space Bae担任艺术家。