HERCULES VS HERCULES 大力士VS大力士 Chen Junjiang 陈俊江

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The enemy has 30 seconds to reach the battlefield, crush them!

A secretly input the up and down, left and right, BABA commands, and they take effect immediately. It is said that this is a challenge without sweating. All the duels are brewing the pride of the program, and all the games are hovering in pride.

In the race against time, every challenger became a projection of defeat. The words "a" appeared on the dialog box: I am not targeting individuals, I mean, everyone here are trashes. Who else would dare to fight with me?

"Homie, I'll defeat you." A flash of light on the screen rushed over, blocking the way of character A. a Seeing another Hercules descend from the sky, he was taken aback and shouted loudly, not attacking code. B ignored, a Tianba violently blasted the violent wind and slashed, with a few bangs in the air, a was knocked into the air and turned over and fell dizzy and weak, the sound effect was thunderous.

b's The fingertip combo makes 70% of the strength. Even the Hercules sergeant, it’s not necessary for the blood bar to break when the body is exposed, but a prevents the blood from being hard. This combo hitting the body is just like a scratch. After taking a scraping therapy, he stood up again.

b did a thumb up and shouted: " Holy shit, it's too soft. "Opened from the side, the mouse hovered on the keyboard, swiped, and the character skill effects were fully activated on him. This operation bombarded him with 50% strength, and his left and right fingers dig into the buttons, struggling, and pulling back with both hands. , The screen sword light sword shadow, a flies straight to the top of the halo.

The b state is fully open, and a is thrown into the air. This big move is really not trivial. I saw a on the light screen, half in the air hard and straight, unable to move, the blood bar color changed from purple to red, like a laser. This big move is actually the long-lost "whosyourdaddy", a hatred value is full, anger erupts, a smashed mountain and a slash, a double spear and a dance blade, two strengths burst, a black and white silent, everything I don't know exactly.

The electric light flashed back for a while and stopped. The two Hercules had different postures, one eye was staring out of the window.

Wrriten by the artist - Chen Junjiang









艺术家文 - 陈俊江

Chen Junjiang is an artist based in Shanghai. His creative inspiration comes more from the virtual network and the exploration and discussion of his cultural background. Most of the works on display are the reproduction of the online game image given by the artist's memory.

In Chen Junjiang’s previous works, virtuality and confrontation have always been his two main narratives of concepts. The artist’s emotions in the real world are placed in the virtual world to establish a kind of thinking. The appeal of pleasure. Inspire self-instinct and passion, explore the relationship between the virtual world and the real world.

The title of this exhibition is "Hercules vs. Hercules". In online games, players will be assigned their respective roles. The established relationship between the two parties is often restricted by the system. "The just party always feels righteous." In different camps, players often uphold their own "justice" to fight against another kind of "justice". The artist created an image of "Hercules" in the works of this exhibition. Sometimes they are armored warriors, sometimes alien monsters, most of them are ferocious and cruel, with strange appearances. In the process of being created, these images have become a role assigned by the artist, shaping or losing themselves in a kind of "arrangement."

The latest works of the artist from 2020 are also exhibited this time. The bright orange body and large color blocks express the strong arms and legs. The emotional Chinese characters are used to directly express the emotion of "Hercules". The blood above the screen Bar, showing the loss value of both sides in real-time, the irregular lines overlap to form a pouring column and the white mist is scattered around under the heavy fist of the "Hercules".

The duel in the game is a non-sweating game brewed in the program, and all offensive and defensive actions are completed in the button. During the duel, Dianguang turned back a bit and stopped. The two Hercules had different postures, and one eye was staring out of the window.

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