Henrietta MacPhee

          Categories 分类: AiR Artists 驻地艺术家

Henrietta MacPhee (b.1985, London) is a ceramic artist whose work stems from exploring the exotic. Through a fresh child-like perspective of the world, she portrays social scenes of poetic tenderness and humor. Her work interweaves metaphors for embracing life's diversity of peoples and their cultures. She likes art to be playful, representing an innocent relationship with the material form. MacPhee studied at City Lit Diploma Fine Art and Ceramics from 2015-17 and recently exhibited at New Designers and the Candid Arts Trust, London.

Henrietta MacPhee(1985年生于英国伦敦)是一位陶艺家,其作品源于探索异域风情。 通过对世界的新颖儿童视角,她描绘出诗情画意和幽默的社交场景。 她的作品融合了生活中多元化的人们及其文化的隐喻。 她喜欢艺术是俏皮的,代表了与物质形式的天真关系。 MacPhee在2015-17学习City Lit Diploma Fine Art和Ceramics,最近在伦敦的新设计师和Candid Arts Trust展出。