Feng Ge 冯舸

          Artists 驻地艺术家

Feng Ge 冯舸 (China 中国)

The Kids of Waste Land《荒野的孩子》

The series I made here is called “the kids of wasteland”, which included several stop motions videos and photography works. Untitled space is in what was previously an obsolete plant. The deserted place always stimulates colorful imagination, I want to do my work about the creatures and nature. Every creature is the kids of the whole world. Before we came to the real world, the materials made up our body had already existed. I think each life is the recombination of those things, it constituted an individual life for several years, and after that, all the matters resolved is returned to the world. The stop motion video shows the activities like growth and death, eating, playing and other vital motions in these abandoned places.