Eunice Liu 刘媛媛

          Artists 驻地艺术家

My work marries traditional handmade mark making with digital strategies to create hybrid drawings exploring the interstitial space between the tangible and technological realms. Specifically, I am using a digital tablet to create an original graphite drawing and finish coloring in computer software, such as Adobe Photoshop.

My interest lies when imagery shifts from a concrete tangible surface (i.e. paper, canvas) to a computer screen and my primary inspirations come from my cross-cultural experiences, Chinese literature, and mythologies. Being interested in traditional Chinese illustration books Lian Huan Hua, Kung Fu cinema and western abstract arts, I involve historical sources with vibrant line marks and fantastical illustration, potential opens between notions relating to authenticity (the artist’s own hand) and digital artifice.

During the process of shifting written text to visual arts, the method “ekphrasis” makes the communication between the rhetorical and the visual interactively possible. Instead of producing works appropriated directly or primarily manipulated relying on digital technologies, I preserve artist’s hands while reinterpreting the original texts and tropes concerning traditional narrative and cultural symbolism.

My residency work Fence includes a video and a drawing - a monochromatic edition of the living surroundings in Jinze town, and a digital illustration of the town.

As an ancient town in Southern China, Jinze locates miles from the center of Shanghai, largely maintaining its authentic looks from the metropolis. The video documents the artist’s residential place where is a displaced factory since the last century. Through footage of creaky shacks and profile of the relics, the isolation of space and time is phenomenally augmented. The drawing narrates a fantastical city-and-town jungle bearing both traditional legacy and modern waves.

‘Fence’ in my work manifests the semi-open condition of Jinze which is ecological, loose, and beautiful. The tile in Chinese has the meaning of ‘door’ or ‘entrance’ which props the connection between the aging town and internationalized city life outside. Regarding further industrial development and economic growth, the tangible and intangible boundary between the town and the city may be removed one day, and Jinze is going to change her face...


金泽古镇距上海市区有数公里之遥,极大限度地保存了它的乡土风貌。短片作品记录了我们艺术驻地的日常环境 - 一座上世纪留下的废旧工厂。镜头下尘封的房舍加之背景的不和谐音,增强了空间和时间的隔阂感。图画记叙了一个想象中的城镇丛林,共载着历史遗产与现代文明。