Chloe Po

          Artists 驻地艺术家

Born in Singapore in 1996, Chloe Po is a multidisciplinary artist working in the discourse of fragility within time and relations through organic sculptures and paintings. Influenced by the tension between forms and formless nature of memory, ephemerality, and existentialism, her works suggest the distinctive and poetic nature of frozen time. Initially trained in the discipline of painting, her initial works took on a painterly approach. Having been first introduced to the medium of watercolour, her paintings took on an expressive nature, often filled with drips, strokes, and splashes.

Chloe Po出生于1996年,新加坡。是一位多领域跨界艺术家,通过雕塑装置和绘画寻找在时间和关系的脆弱感。受形式与记忆的无形性,短暂性和存在主义之间的张力的影响,她的作品提出了冻结时间的独特性和诗性。她最初受过绘画学的训练,最初的作品采取了绘画的方式。作为第一个被介绍到水彩画的媒介,她的绘画呈现出富于张力的,往往充满了滴水,笔触和飞溅。

'Sentiments' is a series of Sculptures that draws a subtle relationship between the fleeting nature of existence with that of time. Acting as figments of personal objects that the villagers were washing by the river, the series explores the notion of memory and it's intangibility due to repetition and routines of daily life. Plastic is a material that is easily disposed of, similar to that of time and memories that pass by fleetingly. Hence, the series uses the material of plastic as a dimension of memory, fleeting and subtly resisting against loss. The Colour blue used in the series explores the blue hues of blue china. It thus acts as a reflection of historic symbolism; fusing history within that of memory. 

“情感”是一系列的雕塑,它描绘了存在的短暂性与时间的微妙关系。 作为村民们在河边洗个人物品的虚构,该系列探索记忆的概念,它是无形由于重复和日常生活的成规。 塑料是一种很容易处理的材料,类似于时间和记忆的瞬间传递。 因此,系列使用塑料材料作为存储器,转瞬即逝的尺寸和巧妙地抵顶损失。 该系列采用蓝色探索蓝色瓷器的蓝色调。 因此它作为历史象征的反映; 在记忆中融合历史。