Charlotte Chin

          Artists 驻地艺术家

After graduating with a BFA degree in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design in Paris, France, Charlotte worked as a commercial/prop stylist, illustrator, and writer for lifestyle publications and advertising agencies in Singapore.

Memories, places, and aspects of the human psyche form an integral part of Charlotte’s work and her continued interest is to articulate them through textures and mark-making using paint, paper, fabric, and clay.

Her exploration of form and materiality engages viewers in a visceral landscape of emotions that remind them of a personal memory or journey.
It attempts to capture the memory of travel, movement and the transcendence of time - for things lost and found and - remembered.



她对形式和物质性的探索让观众感受到一种内心的情感景观,也让观者产生私人的记忆旅程的共鸣。其作品试图捕捉旅行,行动和超越时间的记忆 - 对于失去的东西以及被发现和记忆的东西。

“My interest lies in the concept of memory - how they are shaped by time, places and nature. I’m attempting to capture the juxtaposition between the old and new - especially of how different Jinze is with Shanghai city.

My observations of being in this ancient Watertown and seeing how it has resisted the clutches of tourism and commercialism. To see that many of the residents here live a charmed and quiet life. But for how long?

In contrast, I’m also in awe of the towering skyscrapers that cover the bustling city of Shanghai- with all its glamour, vitality and modernism. Navigating the sea of people who are always on the go in this fast-paced environment.

What if this quiet Watertown awakens to the desire to modernize? Or will it try to resist that temptation to remain a sleepy Watertown? I can only know these five or ten years from now, perhaps.”

“我的驻地创作围绕于记忆这个概念 - 它们如何被时间,地点和自然所塑造。 我试图把握新旧之间的并置 - 特别是金泽镇与上海市区的差异。

我对这个古老水乡的观察,看到它如何抵制旅游业和商业开发的魔掌。 看到这里的许多居民过着迷人而安静的生活。 但是又在思考这样能持续多久呢?

相比之下,我也敬畏高耸的摩天大楼,覆盖繁华的上海城市 - 充满魅力,活力和现代感。 在这个人山人海的快节奏环境中找到方向。

如果这个宁静的水乡被现代化的欲望唤醒? 或者它会试图抵制这种诱惑,以保持沉睡的水乡。 也许,我只能再过五年或十年才能知道。”