Aysha Nur

          Artists 驻地艺术家

Aysha Nur is a Singaporean Fine Artist and Printmaker, who works in Singapore and South Korea. Graduated from LASALLE College of The Arts Singapore, and is presently pursuing a master's degree in Fine Arts Printmaking at Hongik University, Korea, to further strengthen her technical prowess in this creative field. Aysha is experienced with various printmaking techniques such as silkscreen, woodcut, drypoint, etc. Having been through technical training, with an advanced understanding of printmaking processes, she specializes in copperplate etchings and lithography. Besides her major printmaking projects, she diversifies her boundaries by working with other art genres such as photography and fashion textiles.


"My work explores various themes ranging from personal experiences that I gather from traveling journeys since childhood. Growing up as a mixed race of half Turkish and half Pakistani, I am exposed to various cultural perceptions and views while adapting to many different cultures, languages, and people. This has allowed me to see both the Asian and Western perspective and get used to them very quickly. My approaches to art making are detailed and abstract, with a representation of nature. As a landscape artist, giving my works meaning is essential in connecting with my audiences, as they are related to my personal identity. Engaging with local artists in my hometown and abroad, the exchange of ideas about art today and how it functions in society, spaces and institutions has allowed for my artworks to find relevance to contemporary art."