Artist in Residence Art Workshop 驻地艺术工作坊

Skills: Workshop 工作坊

At the end of this month, 31st (Saturday), Untitled Space will host a public art workshop. Three resident artists Etta (UK), Dagurn (Ice Land) and Rebecca (Australia) will conduct an embroidery workshop, ceramic workshop, and performance art workshop. All materials and light refreshments will be provided. The workshop is scheduled between 1 PM to 5 PM, located at No.311, Shangtang St, Jinze Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai. This workshop is free of charge, please leave a comment to make your reservation. 


Embroidery Workshop 1PM-3PM

In this workshop, you will be taught basic embroidery techniques to develop an embellished brooch. Using pre-screen printed motifs, I will guide you through the steps of the embroidery which can be completed within the 2-hour timeframe. All materials and light refreshments will be provided. 

This is also an opportunity to engage in discussion on the contemporary place of women in China. In both Chinese and Western traditional embroidery has been a group activity; as much an opportunity to produce garments and decoration as it is to share and discuss. 

As women’s positions as the head of the home are shifting and traditional skills such as needlework are being replaced by the modern value of education. How does the role of a woman get re-invented? How do we negotiate the conflicting aspirations of career and education while also supporting a family? 

This workshop will form part of a three-month project titled Nûde 博士 exploring the stigma surrounding women in higher education in China.





这次工作坊也是一个持续三个月的艺术项目《Nûde 博士》的一部分,这个艺术项目探索了围绕在中国受高等教育的女性曲解。

Ceramic Workshop 3 PM - 4: 30 PM

Learn the basics of animal sculpting and make your own mini animal head out of clay with British ceramic artist Henrietta MacPhee. A workshop for beginners and clay enthusiasts. All materials will be provided.

陶艺工作坊 下午3点到4点半

与英国艺术家Henrietta MacPhee一起,学习基本的动物雕塑手法,制作你自己的迷你动物头像。这是一个适合陶艺初学者和爱好者的工作坊,现场会提供所有材料。

Performance Art Workshop 4.30PM-5PM

For Shanghai fashion week we invite you to participate in a collaborative fashion photo and video shoot. No experience in fashion is needed. This is a part of ongoing work of the Icelandic artist Dagrun Adalsteinsdottir.

行为艺术工作坊  下午4点半到5点

趁着上海时装周,我们邀请您参加本次互动性的“时尚摄影”和“视频拍摄”。无须有任何的时尚业相关经验。这也是冰岛艺术家Dagrun Adalsteinsdottir长期作品的一部分。