Anne Mølleskov

          Artists 驻地艺术家

Anne Mølleskov

Artist      Denmark      Residency Period: April 2018

Danish artist Anne Mølleskov is interested in exploring new ways of engaging in our complex relationship with nature. Her work is often responding to specific locations by making notions of wildness and wild nature the locus of real encounters, explorations, and reflections. At the heart of her adventure is a desire to cross and recross the boundaries between apparent opposite such as nature/culture, self/other, magic/real and local/global.

Anne holds a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martin's College of Art&Design, UK (2000) and an MA in Fine Art from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore (2017). She has been involved in solo shows, groups shows, and collaborative projects in Denmark (Frederik's Bastion, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Ridehuset Aarhus, Rø Plantation et al.), UK (Camden Arts Centre, Lauderdale House, The Centre of Attention, Fringe Gallery et al.) and Singapore (Institue of Contemporary Art, The Substation and Singapore Art Book Fair). Her multi-disciplinary practice incorporates photography, video, installation, performance, fashion, textiles, rambling, social media, and texts.

Anne Mølleskov

艺术家      丹麦      驻地时间:2018年四月


Anne拥有英国中央圣马丁艺术与设计学院的艺术学士学位(2000年)和新加坡拉萨尔艺术学院艺术硕士学位(2017年)。她曾参与在丹麦举办的个人表演,团体表演和合作项目(英国弗雷德里克的堡垒,Kunsthal Charlottenborg,Ridehuset Aarhus,RøPlantation等),(Camden Arts Centre,Lauderdale House,The Centre of Attention,Fringe Gallery等)和新加坡(Institue of Contemporary Art,The Substation 和新加坡艺术书展)。她的多学科实践融合了摄影,视频,安装,表演,时尚,纺织,漫步,社交媒体和文本。

Previous Works     代表作品

MacRitchie Me: Turning to Be Wilder(ed), 2017, mixed media including 2 channel HD video projections, 16:9 aspect ratio, color, 10:04 mins, loop.

MacRitchie on the Go (Portable Landscape), 2016, digitized performance, papercuts, art2wear.

Residency Works    驻地作品