2021 Autumn Residency Open Call 秋季驻地公开招募

Skills: Open Call 公开招募






2021 Autumn Residency Program

Currently is open for applications



 Autumn Residency Program 
 September/October/November 2021
Duration of Residency
Between 1 to 3 months
There are 5 seats for artists each month
*Due to the pandemic, this open call for artist currently lives in China only


UИTITLEDSPΛCE AiR encourages both young artists to continue their practice upon graduation and practicing artists to be keep inspired. UИTITLEDSPΛCE AiR aims at providing an ideal creative and living environment for all artists. Opens to all contemporary artists throughout the year, during the residency, artists are encouraged to create a new body of work, engage in conversation with artists from China and around the world.
UИTITLEDSPΛCE the building itself covers an area of 550 square meters, a total of 4 floors. The ground floor contains 6 private studios within sharing studio space (total of 220 square meters) and 3 storage rooms. The 1st floor is filled with 2 exhibition spaces, 1 cafe, and kitchen, 1 laundry room, 2 courtyards. The 2nd floor contains 7 private rooms for resident artists. The 3rd floor contains an office and 1 rooftop terrace. Gallery, accommodation, and studio all in the same building, for a more convenient living and working environment, ideal for an art residency.

 Residency Exhibition 
UИTITLEDSPΛCE AiR will curate exhibitions for resident artists at the end of each residency program. Exhibitions are a chance for resident artists to summarize their projects and experience during the residency. Resident artists will exhibit their works at the UИTITLEDSPΛCE Gallery according to our exhibition schedule (Normally the exhibition takes place on the last weekend of the month).
*Artists who stay for 1 or 2 months, will participate in the residency group exhibition, artists who stay for 3 months, there is a solo exhibition.
  • 无题空间艺术家驻地为可持续发展的驻地项目,驻地费用是为了平衡艺术家驻地项目的基本运营成本。
  • 驻地项目结束时,所有驻地作品归驻地艺术家所有。

  • 想了解当前的驻地费用,请发送邮件到:untitledspace@hotmail.com
  • 无题空间艺术家驻地目前没有相关费用支持,所以我们鼓励艺术家申请自己本国的艺术基金会或赞助项目。无题空间会提供相关的支持文件。
  • 驻地艺术家须自行支付交通,餐饮,材料等个人支出。
 Residency Fee 
  • The residency is run as a sustainable program, the residency fee meets the minimal cost of running the residency.
  • At the end of the residency, all artworks belong to resident artists.
  • For the current residency fee, please email: untitledspace@hotmail.com
  • The residency does not carry any funding support yet, so we encourage artists to manage the scholarship application, grants, or financial support in their home countries during the application period. Untitled Space will provide the necessary documentation to the selected applicant that so requires.
  • Resident artist is responsible for their transportation, food, art material, and other living expenses.

 Residency Facilities 
Previous Resident Artists 
 More info about the Residency 
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 How to apply for residency 
Please fill the application form in the link below