2020 Residency Young Artist Fellowship 驻地青年艺术家赞助计划

Skills: Open Call 公开招募

Since launch in October 2017, Untitled Space Artist in Residence has hosted more than 70 artists from China and all around the world. To encourage more young artists to experience residency, Untitled Space announces its first-ever Residency Young Artists Fellowship Project.

Untitled Space Residency Young Artists Fellowship Project will sponsor selected artist's 1 month residency fee, including studio, accommodation, and exhibition. (Residency facilities details)



  • The artist's practice filed is visual art.
  • The artits's age is between 18 to 35.
  • The artist must be independent, and capable of working and living on their own.
  • The artist is required to deal with the production, installation, and de-installation by themselves.
  • The artist has to apply for their visa personally, and the visa should conform to the residency.
  • The artist must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • 申请艺术家的艺术实践领域为视觉艺术。
  • 申请艺术家年龄必须在18岁到35岁之间。
  • 申请艺术家能够独立自主地进行艺术创作和生活。
  • 申请艺术家能够在驻留期间创作和展示新的作品,以及协助完成布展和撤展。
  • 申请艺术家必须阅读和同意驻地条款与条件

Application fee: 20 USD (Non-refundable)


  • The application process, including Skype interviewing.
  • The selected and the non-selected artist will receive an E-mail notification. 
  • The selected artist is responsible for their transportation, food, art material, and other living expenses.
  • 申请过程中,包括一个视频面试(Skype)。
  • 入选和未入选艺术家会收到通知邮件。
  • 驻地艺术家须自行支付交通,餐饮,材料等个人支出。

Fellowship Application Form