Artist Collective     Belgium/Spin       Residency Period: July/August 2018

MxR is a collaboration between Belgian visual artist Marie Gerard and Spanish video artist/film-maker Rodrigo Uceda. The duo combines videos to site-specific and site-responsive installations to expand beyond the metaphysical frame of the film. They believe that this combination allows a richer and more playful exploration of the idiosyncratic nature of the location.

They use various forms of presentation to illustrate the poetics between installation and film. It can range from projection on top of the installation to a video of the installation itself.

Both mediums exist within their own realm of language but they are sublimed by their counterpart, creating a new dimension.

The installation is the context. It tries to interpret nature in its own vocabulary using daily-life objects. The installation tries to grasp the abstract and organic nature of landscapes and the elements it is consisted of. These elements can range from simple geographic observations to physical and chemistry phenomenon.

The video is the content. It brings life to the context. The video comments on our approach to nature and how we digitalise everything in the 21st century. The video is high in colour and movements, contrasting with the quietude of the installation. The video aims to push the aesthetics of contemporary film through its abstraction and post production development.

MxR seeks to look at how today’s world looks at its surrounding and how people process this last one.

Enlightenment Crown (2017) Enlightenment Crown is a site-specific video installation produced for the Crypt gallery in London. Fire is considered a divine element – Catholic churches have always used candles as a public declaration of faith. Once humans managed to control fire, it could be said that they sought to become God-like: Homo Deus. This installation questions the relationship between humans and God in the 21st century, where the digital world is a system entirely created and managed by human beings. The video shows a hundred candles arranged in a crown. The candles go through different types of lighting and pixelization.

Levantscape (2017) Levantscape is an ode to the wind El Levante which blows in South-West Spain. The project is a video installation presented alongside a map. The installation presents cloud-like structures on which a video is projected. The video shows the structure being blown in the wind. Projected on top of each other the clouds are giving the impression that they are in constant movement even if they’re static and indoors. It is accompanied by the constant noise of the wind blowing. On top of it frequency noises can be heard. The Levanter has a strong effect on human beings, they feel irritated, tired and annoyed by its omnipresence, the frequency and the wind noises combined recreate those feelings within the gallery space. Levantscape is a project that declines the wind into visual forms. It aims to give it a physical body for it to be experienced in different ways than usual.