Irena Paskali

Artist       Macedonia        Residency Period: October 2018

Irena Paskali is an artist who works with the Video, Photography, Installation, Experimental film and Drawing. The human being is mostly at the center of my work. I am interested in the frictions between cultures, religions, questions of identity and alienation, human life in an urban environment.

I'm Traum, Underwater world in Dream, 2013/2014 Just add water, this would be a contradiction to the already mentioned in ancient primordial matter of the four elements, Quall of life. Adored in mythology, used as rituals, donates every life form seduces In another dimension, to act, to find the lost dreams and desires. The images are taken in the Ohrid lake in my country Republic of Macedonia.

SALTY DROPS The installation consists of 70 glass balls falling freely floorwards from the ceiling and a video projection. The glass balls are filled with red fluorescent liquid with different fullness and density, which gives an ambiance of light and fluid. In the background, a video of tears falling down the artist's face is running. The video is specially toned with a sound of drops following the tears. The installation is set in a completely dark room where the glass balls are filled with fluorescent light with special illumination. In old antic times when women where waiting for there husbands during long combats and wars they collected there very own tears in ceramic jugs in order to provide the agonising sadness and pain to there returning husbands. Tears are drops which are a part of our being, and they are my first inspiration on water and liquid. They come as a product of our emotions whether sad or joyful.