About the Residency

Untitled Space Artist in Residence Program is an artist-run program of Untitled Space. This artist residency program encourages both young artists to continue their practice upon graduation and practicing artists to be keep inspired. Untitled AIR aims at providing an ideal living environment for all artists. Opens to all contemporary artists throughout the year (except February),  during the residency, artists are encouraged to create a new body of work, engage in conversation with artists and researchers from China and around the world, exhibit his/her work at the contemporary art exhibition held by Untitled Space.




Between one and three months



Applicants Requirements

  • The artist should be in good health.
  • The artist must be independent, and capable of working and living on his or her own.
  • The artist is required to deal with the production, installation, and de-installation solely by him or herself.
  • The artist should be able to speak and understand basic English for daily conversation.
  • The artists have to apply for his/her visa personally, and the visa should conform to the residency.


  • 艺术家必须有健康的身体状况。
  • 艺术家能够独立自主地创作和生活。
  • 艺术家能够在驻留期间创作和展示新的作品,以及协助完成布展和撤展。
  • 艺术家能够使用和理解基本的英文日常对话。
  • 艺术家须自己申请来华签证,并与无题空间确定相关信息。


  • The residency program is run as a sustainable residency. Resident artists need to pay a residency fee of 5,650RMB per artist for one month stay, which is to meet the minimum cost of running the residency program.
  • Residency Program does not carry any funding or sponsorship program yet, so encourage artists to manage the scholarship application, grants or financial support in their home countries during the application period. Untitled Space will provide the necessary documentation to the selected applicant that so requires.
  • The artist is responsible for transportation, food, art material and other living expenses. 
  • If artists have company staying with the artist during his/her period of residence, any additional guests will be charged 2800RMB per person for one month.


  • 无题空间驻地计划为可持续运营驻地项目,艺术家驻留每个月(最多31天)所需支付费用为5650元人民币,以平衡机构基本的运营成本。
  • 无题空间驻地计划目前没有基金会赞助和奖学金项目,所以鼓励艺术家申请所在国的基金会支持和赞助项目。我们会在力所能及的范围内提供所需文件的支持。
  • 艺术家须自行支付交通,餐饮,材料等个人支出。
  • 如艺术家有伴侣/朋友在驻地期间陪同,任何陪同人士,每人每月(最多31天)需支付人民币2800元。

Available Slots for 2018/19 可选时间段

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Application to the Untitled Space Artist in Residence Program

Please use this application form or email us following information to contact@theuntitled.cn

*We will definitely reply your application/email. If you do not get our reply, please check your spam mail folder. You also can email us at theuntitledcn@gmail.com, or contact us on our Facebook page


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